Tuesday, June 25, 2013


These are all 1" scale, turned by Harv Jacobson on a miniature lathe from acrylic.

This is a pretty trio.  They look like candy.  Lovely mint green, raspberry pink, and
purple.  I always put mis-matched candlesticks on my table at Easter with matching
colored candles.  Tallest one is about 7/16" tall without the candle.  (They come with
candles.)  $24.00 + $2.25 postage.

Deep purple pair.  The tallest one (without candle) is about 9/16" tall.  (They come with
candles.) $22.00 + $2.25 postage.

I'm calling these the Raspberry Smooth ones, because I have another pair.  The
tallest one is about 5/8" tall without the candle.  (They come with candles.)  $22.00 + $2.25 postage.

These are the red/gold pair.  The tallest stands about 5/8" tall not including candle.  (Candles included.)
$22.00 + $2.25 postage.

Gold/white candleholder.  This was turned in 2 parts and includes a candle.  It stands about
3/4" tall.  $16.00 + $2.25 postage.

Pale pink and turquoise pair.  Note the intricate turns.  Candles included.  The turquoise one
is about 3/4" tall without the candle.  $24.00 + $2.25 postage.

This is the more detailed raspberry pair.  Candles included.  The tallest one (on the left) is about
11/16" tall with the candle.  $22.00 + $2.25 postage.
If interested in any of these, e-mail: sheila.jacobson@gmail.com

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