Sunday, June 23, 2013


I have 2 items I am putting up for sale:

Bespaq furniture item - I have no idea what you would call this.  It is a table/seat/desk.

The lid lifts up, folds back,  and exposes an upholstered seat in white brocade and a drawer that opens.  I purchased this years ago, and it has been in a glass curio.  Since I no longer do 1" scale, I am parting
with it.  $65.00 + $3.25 postage (in US).  If interested, e-mail
It is 1" scale, and stands 2 3/8" tall, and has the Bespaq sticker underneath.  A lovely piece.

And I have 1 cat made by Hermania Anslinger, an IGMA Fellow.  Hermania died a few years ago, at
the age of (I believe) 99.  She was still making miniatures in her 80's.  Hermania carved the item in wood, made a mold, and then poured in porcelain.  I have a darling black/white cat ...

sleeping away.  This piece has so much texture that it doesn't look like porcelain; even though I know
that is what Hermania worked in.
 $49.00 + $3.00 postage (in US).  E-mail me if interested.
Hermania said she learned to carve as a child.  Her mother was afraid she would injure herself; so she
wrapped all Hermania's  fingers in tape.

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