Saturday, August 25, 2012


I completely understand.

We used to have these big hairy spiders in our basement.  I'd go down there to do something, and
out of the corner of my eye I'd see something scuttle really fast across the floor.  Now the thing with
scuttling is that you have first the startle, and then the screaming meemies as you realize what it was.
HATE spiders!  And these suckers were HUGE!  As in - you could saddle and ride them.

The worst was when Cal and family (including babies) visited with a baby monitor.  Apparently,
baby monitors emit a frequency that scares the beejeezes out of bugs in the walls and brings them all
out in the open.  When I had seen the sixth big hairy spider in one day, that was it.  Since then we
have sprayed every 3 months for bugs.  Now it is rare to even see a tiny spider or earwig in the house; and they are always dead ones.  These bugs cross the threshold where it is sprayed, go a couple of
inches and die.   HA, take that, Bug!

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