Friday, September 28, 2012


So, we watched the new series "Elementary" last night on CBS.  TERRIBLE!  It could have been
an interesting show, except for 2 things.

1)  The sound quality was so poor it was unbelievable.
If you wrapped a muffler around your head three times, and then tried to listen it would be about the
same as this show.  This made the female lead very difficult to understand when she wasn't yelling.
We kept turning up the volume; but it didn't help.  That just made it loud and muffled.

Harv and I kept looking at each other.
"Am I going deaf?"
"No, the sound is really bad."

2)  The thick accent and staccato delivery of the male lead made him IMPOSSIBLE to understand
90% of the time.

Obviously, this made for a frustrating viewing experience.  The only reason we watched for the
whole episode was because there was absolutely nothing else on to watch.  (I'm so happy I pay
through the nose every month to my cable service, only to have nothing worth watching!)
A complete waste of 60 minutes of my time.  Next week we'll turn off the TV, and read a book.
I predict a quick demise for this series.

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