Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rant of the day:
We just bought a new washing machine.  I HATE THIS MACHINE!  WITH A PASSION!
It is a:
GE Hydro Wave Washing Machine, LoWater Wash & Infusor 3.6 CU FT, Model: GLWN50509M1WS
This was not a cheap machine. I LOVED my last GE Washer; but it gave up after about 5 years. So I needed another washer right away. I sent my husband to Lowe's; and they had no
GE agitator washing machines that were large capacity.
So my husband came home with this. I've had it for less than 2 months. I HATE THIS MACHINE.
It makes a LOT of noise. Not "whoosh" as GE claims. It is a very loud squealing.
It doesn't hold nearly as much as my last machine, even though it is advertised as 3.6 CU Ft. because you have to
stack the clothes around the sides so they don't cover that center infuser.  Also because there is
so little water in the wash load, things do not get clean.  
It has already sliced up a King comforter. Apparently because during the spin cycle the fabric made contact with the top inner edge of the tub, which is rough plastic. It sliced ribbons in the comforter like a razor blade.
Because of the low water used, I couldn't use my powder detergent, even though it was HE. The machine just WOULD NOT rinse it out. So I bought liquid HE detergent. I kept using less and less of it; and the machine still doesn't rinse the detergent out of the clothes. When you take them out, you can feel that detergent residue on them. That's with using the
2nd rinse on every load. So I end up NOT using less water because I have to rinse twice instead of
just once as I had before.
Because of the way it washes, it crams the clothes into a small space on the bottom and wads them together. It presses deep wrinkles into the clothes; and I now have to iron everything when before I could get away with no ironing.
I don't think it is too much to ask from an expensive machine to get clean clothes without soap scum and damage!  Just because it's NEW and HI-TECH doesn't mean it's good!

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